According to consumers, the Foreo UFO Smart Mask Treatment Device enhances their skincare regimens.


If you’ve pondered purchasing high-tech, at-home skincare gadgets, you know that the selections might be daunting. This decision is especially difficult if you are attempting to simultaneously treat various skin issues. One multipurpose device combines the functions of numerous treatments, and it’s 27 percent off during Amazon’s Holiday Beauty Haul sale.

Amazon customers have resorted to the five-in-one Foreo UFO Smart Mask Treatment gadget to enhance their skincare regimens. It is a portable device that combines nearly every function necessary to get the skin of your dreams in only 90 seconds by increasing the effects of sheet masks and serums.

It is hardly surprising that our beauty editor at Real Simple deemed it the “most versatile LED mask.” The bacteria-resistant silicone housing incorporates LED light therapy to promote anti-aging benefits, cryotherapy to tone and lift while fighting inflammation, thermotherapy to help open pores for optimum absorption of skincare products, and T-sonic technology to increase circulation (or to massage sore muscles).

To purchase: $159 (formerly $219);

The Foreo UFO gives ultra-tailored results that skincare creams, serums, and masks cannot accomplish on their own. Users are able to tune the temperature, wavelength, and pulsation of the skincare device using a companion smartphone app. In addition, travelers will enjoy that a single charge may support up to 90 uses.

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A previously sceptical reviewer said about the palm-sized gadget, “This may be the greatest item I have ever used.” After the first application, they saw a “dramatic improvement in texture, color, and the general look” of their skin. “The UFO makes me eagerly anticipate my skincare regimen.” “It is now my favorite portion of the day.”

With this handy gadget, you can transform your morning and evening skincare regimens into professional-grade self-care without seeing an esthetician. During the Amazon Holiday Beauty Haul sale, the Foreo UFO Smart Mask gadget is available for $159,