This “magical” reusable makeup remover cloth removes waterproof formulas with “minimal” scrubbing.


Putting on full, glamorous makeup can be time-consuming, but removing it can be much more laborious. If you have ever fallen asleep while wearing makeup, you are aware that even one night of this can do severe damage to your skin. What if, however, you could remove all your makeup with a single reusable washing cloth? Customers on Amazon have abandoned their multiple oil-based makeup removers and abrasive cotton pads in favor of a single “miracle” product: The Original Makeup Eraser.

It is a reusable, two-sided cloth that, when wet, acts as an eraser to remove all makeup. One side of the soft polyester cloth has small threads meant to remove makeup, while the other side contains longer fibers suited for exfoliating. After activating the eraser with warm water, all that is required is to massage it gently in circular circles over your face. And with Amazon’s Holiday Beauty Haul sale in full force, you can grab the MakeUp Eraser for $14 as opposed to $20.

$14 (down from $20) on

Numerous consumers have said that the best-selling cleaning cloth has enhanced their cleaning experience while reducing waste and saving them time. One MakeUp Eraser cloth, according to the manufacturer, is equivalent to 3,600 makeup wipes and may last up to three to five years; it is also machine-washable. One reviewer commented that switching to the cloth makeup remover eliminated the need to buy makeup remover wipes or cotton pads. When they were able to remove “stuck-on” liquid lipstick and mascara “with minimum washing,” they became instant fans.

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Another buyer with sensitive skin swears by the dermatologist-recommended washing cloth to effortlessly remove their full-coverage, long-lasting stage makeup. They argued, “If it works for a drag queen, it will work for you.” (They’ve even encouraged other skeptics to make the purchase.) A third five-star reviewer recommended the product for removing “caked on” Halloween makeup without aggravating the skin.

Are you prepared to streamline your evening cleansing routine? Using the Original Makeup Eraser is a more eco-friendly and gentle method for removing daily makeup.