This non-sticky sunscreen that feels as light as whipped cream has won my heart.


It’s difficult to remember to use sunscreen, regardless of how frequently your skincare-conscious friends, physicians, parents, or writers and editors remind you of its necessity. Despite its vital function in protecting your skin against a variety of issues such as photoaging, cancer, hyperpigmentation, and sunburns, the majority of sunscreens can feel so painful on your face and body that it seems like too much of a burden to apply it every few hours.

This is why a sunscreen that is non-sticky, easily blended, and leaves no white cast is such a valuable addition to your skincare regimen. Bask Suncare’s SPF 30 lotion has been my go-to product of late. I genuinely look forward to applying it because of its silky texture, light weight, and rapid absorption into my skin. The firm offered me samples of the sunscreen to try, and I was instantly impressed by the cream; as a lifestyle buyer, it’s one of the greatest sunscreens I’ve ever evaluated.

Bask’s SPF 30 lotion typically comes in a convenient tube, but the original has already sold out due to its popularity. Thankfully, the same mix is still available in a limited-edition Black Ribbon bottle made by the firm. In addition, as part of Bask Suncare’s efforts to promote Skin Cancer Awareness Month, the revenues from the bottle’s sales will be given to The Skin Protection Foundation.

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I’ve been devoted to one moisturizer for years, but this marine-infused formula is replacing it.
The finest feature about Bask’s sunscreen is that it truly feels as light as whipped cream. The majority of sunscreens I’ve encountered feel crusty, sticky, and so oily that I have to wash my hands many times after application, but Bask’s lotion mixes so effortlessly into your skin that you may mistake it for moisturizer. It is water-based, so it does not feel heavy, and it contains aloe to soothe any irritation.

Now, Bask’s sunscreen is always the final step of my skincare routine, but I would never skip it. I usually look forward to reapplying it after two hours since it is so silky and does not feel sticky at all. The limited-edition Black Ribbon bottle of Bask’s SPF 30 lotion is selling out quickly, so snag one here before it’s gone. Spend $26 at Bask today.